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Serious Pig - Snackalami

Serious Pig - Snackalami

Serious Pig - Classic Snackalimi - 30g pack


Inspired by the traditional saucisson combination of garlic and pepper, these classic snacklami sticks from Serious Pig have a salty pork flavour with sweet notes and low acidity, finished with a lingering peppery aftertaste.
Each classic flavour snackalmi stick is slightly nobbled with a bouncy texture for a satisfying chew, they’re the perfect gourmet salami snack.


Pairs perfectly with a cold beer or cider.

Pop a pack into a hamper with a choice of tipples, add some pickles,crunchy cheese , olives and snackingham and you can give the gift of ready made charcuterie board.


Made from the best free-range RSPCA approved British pork from Kent farms. 

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