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Vault City - Very Cheeky - Sour

Vault City - Very Cheeky - Sour

Vault City - Very Cheeky - Sour - 8.2% abv - 440ml can

Introducing the bold new, fruity sour beer from Vault City, Very Cheeky. 
Many will compare it to the classic Cheeky V cocktail. 
Tart-sweet flavours are found in every sip. 

Obviously, no one  can mention the brand name it’s based on, that would be far too cheeky !


Meet The Brewery 


Big flavours and bright colours, that’s what you can expect from Vault City Brewing. They are the UK’s biggest sour beer producer and have been making fruit-forward, modern sour beers in Edinburgh since 2018.  

Their mixed fermentation style and distinctive house culture create the perfect base for real fruit ingredients, which gives their beer its intense aroma and flavour, not to mention the eye-catching colours.  

You will find Vault City Brewing in the seaside suburb of Portobello, Edinburgh, where they brew almost 500,000 litres of beer each year.  


Filled with the Fruity Flavours of  Blackcurrant - Raspberry - White Grape

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