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The Canterbury Ales - The Merchant's - Kentish Stout

The Canterbury Ales - The Merchant's - Kentish Stout

4.1%abv - 500ml bottle


A smooth, mild stout with gentle roast malts, soft fruity hop notes & a clean fruity finish.

This bottle conditioned real ale is unfiltered and unpasteurised and contains natural yeast sediment. For a clear beer allow to settle before pouring and pour carefully leaving the sediment in the bottle. Alternatively, for a fruitier cloudier beer tip straight into the glass. 

Meet The Brewery


Canterbury Ales, or Canterbrew as they are known locally and within the trade, brew ales that are carefully crafted from the finest malted barley and whole hops available.

Established in 2010 they are based on the outskirts of Canterbury in Kent. They have been making a range of hand-crafted ales for pubs and shops all over Kent and the South East for nearly fifteen years. They produce a core collection of 8 'character' cask conditioned ales, that are all named after the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales.

  • Ingredients and Allergen Advice


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