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Kent Brewed Real Ale Gift Hamper

Kent Brewed Real Ale Gift Hamper

A  Gift Hamper any Real Ale Lover is sure to Love!


This hamper is filled with three different seasonal Real Ales from three different Kent Breweries.

The bottles will change as our stocks are constantly changing and new beers are brewed and bottled, but we guarantee they will be local, fresh, seasonal and full sized 500ml bottles.


To accompany the beers we will add some essential beer snacks; (snacks will change depending on weather, chocolate removed in summer months)

may include some classic Proper Job hoppy beer nuts, pork scratchings, salami sticks, pickles olives or crunchy cheese crackers.

To complete this  box of delights we have the essential gift of Socks, with a twist, Beer Socks in a Beer Can !  


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