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Moot Brew Co - Butter - DIPA

Moot Brew Co - Butter - DIPA

Moot Brew Co - Butter - DIPA - 8%abv - 440ml can


Motueka, Cryo Ekuanot, Cryo Mosaic and Sabro give a punch on the nose of fresh strawberries with a hint of coconut, citrus and mango. The palate is soft, thick, fruity and slightly sweet and creamy, backed up by a kick of bitterness from Fuggles. Dangerously crushable.

Moot  bring a modern twist to traditional styles and this beer embodies that intent. 


Meet The Brewery


Moot Brew Co - Independent & Micro. Brewing Top notch, hop forward beers. In the heart of Kent. From Badass bitters to primo pales; they have it covered. 

Moot brewery was conceived in early 2021, but the the dream of owning their own brewery had been alive with the crew since the late 2000’s.

A background of working together in fine dining restaurants before turning to beer, has given the Moot crew a deep understanding of complex flavour profiles and drives them to explore new types of beers and techniques. 

Some of them have known each other for 30 years, some not so long, but they have developed a kinship through the mutual love of beer, Lord of the Rings and anchovies!

The Brewery is situated situated in an old grain store,on Court Farm, in the heart of the picturesque North Kent Downs, passed by both the North Downs Way and the Pilgrims Way.You can also visit the amazing Taproom which is fully accessible and open to all, including four legged doggy friends. Open 12-6 Thurs/Fr. 10-6 Sat/Sun


Moot Brew are passionate about brewing beer that's good for the planet. We work in partnership with Andrew at Court Farm to recycle or re-use all of our waste products. From wastewater capture for crops, or spent grains for flour. They do their bit to keep it sustainable. 

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