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White Cliffs Gin - Pleasant Land Distillary

White Cliffs Gin - Pleasant Land Distillary

White Cliffs Gin - 43% ABV - 70cl bottle


This maritime-inspired White Cliffs Gin is infused with botanicals including wild foraged juniper,local samphire, cherry bark, and sea buckthorn in the pot, while the vapour basket imparts delightful notes of sweet orange zest, orange blossom, and elderflower.Beautifully balanced it will transport you to a bracing coastal walk atop the cliffs.


White Cliffs is produced at the fully sustainable distillery in the heart of Kent.Distilled on a beautiful vintage pot still. The bottles are completely plastic-free and made from 100% recycled glass.


Serving Suggestions & Cocktails


Perfect Gin & Tonic
50ml White Cliffs Gin, Elderflower Tonic, rosemary

Maritime Martini
50ml White Cliffs Gin, 10ml Dry Vermouth, stirred with ice, strained into ice-cold glass with an olive

White Negroni
25ml White Cliffs Gin, 25ml Lillet, 25ml Suze liqueur, orange zest, served on the rocks

Bee's Knees
50ml White Cliffs Gin, 20ml lemon juice, 15ml honey syrup, 10ml orange juice, shake with ice


Meet The Distiallry 

The Pleasant Land Distillery, is based on Bank Farm in Aldington Kent, ensuring the highest quality and a true taste of the region. Plesant Land are passionate about running a fully sustainable business, and have created their own unique processes which reduce impact on the environment to almost zero. They have designed a circular system, reducing water consumption and waste production by 90%, and all power is produced using 100% renewable sources.

The Pleasent Land  promise: 100% Renewable, 100% Delicious

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