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Mash Gang - Vice -  Cherry Cola - Stout

Mash Gang - Vice - Cherry Cola - Stout

Vice -  - Cherry Cola - Stout - 0.5%abv - 440ML - Can


Vanilla, Cherry, Cola


A super limited release, act fast to avoid missing out on this beautiful bevvie.

Indulge in a truly unique and decadent beer experience with this imperial stout that perfectly captures the flavours of a classic cherry cola float pastry stout, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream.


Savour the rich and robust stout, expertly balanced with the sweet and tangy notes of cherries and the creaminess of vanilla ice cream.


Meet the Brewery

Mash Gang began as a bunch of friends who started brewing NOLO beers together during the 1st lockdown. After a fairly successful first launch they went a bit rogue and made 9 different beers in 3 months, people kept wanting more so, they kept making them.

Why Low Alcohol? as the Craft beer movement was exploding, so was the abv arms race, finding it was getting harder and harder to buy innovative new beers without a hefty 8% + booze rating. Instead of whining about it, the Mash Gang brewed it themselves.


How do they make it low alcohol?

No, it isn't unfermented wort, nah, they don't boil off the alcohol from a higher abv beer. Instead they use standard brewing kit, with cutting edge brewing techniques and  high quality ingredients to bring us full flavoured craft beers. 


"Always brewed to strength, with premium ingredients" 


The Mash Gang are now a multi award winning brewery with some of the most loved beers in the world. By March 2023 they had produced 50 different beers and occupy some of the highest global ratings for NOLO. Including 1st and 2nd place for stouts!

    • Ingredients and Allergen Advice

      Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Oats, Wheat, Hops, Maltodextrin, Sweet and Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate, Cacao Nibs, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Kola Nut.

      • Hops: HBC472
      • Adjuncts: Cacao Nibs, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Kola Nut.
      • Vegan

      These beers are vegan and as such are free from all dairy and animal products and byproducts

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    £3.38Sale Price
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