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Vela Vodka - Copper Rivet Distillery

Vela Vodka - Copper Rivet Distillery


Inspired by a constellation used for navigation by sailors since Roman times. Vela Vodka is delightfully distinctive and full of complexity.

Crafted in small batches, using only the best hand selected early harvest Kentish wheat, barley and rye, which is carefully distilled before being charcoal filtered .The result is a delightfully distinctive drink full of flavour and complex in character.

Enjoy with just a bit of ice or shake with ice and fresh lime juice, strain, add crushed iced and top with ginger beer and a wedge of lime.



Smooth and delicate, balance of cereal and fruit flavours with pink peppercorn finish.


Spring barley, soft winter wheat and rye makes the holy trinity of our grain bill. Kent water, filtered through chalk beds helps our yeast to produce fruity esters during fermentation

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