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Tapp'd Cocktails - French Martini

Tapp'd Cocktails - French Martini

Tapp'd Cocktails - French Martini - 10%abv - 175ml bottle 


Tapp’d set out on a mission to bring you the finest French Martini ever bottled. This is Mrs Hops and Hampers personal favorite of the Tapp'd range!  Using their own custom raspberry liqueur, real pineapple juice and award – winning distillery vodka.


Raspberry liqueur and real pineapple juice sumptuously blended, with award-winning craft distillery Vodka.


For the perfect French Martini, wake bottle, pour into a shaker and add a handful of ice cubes. Shake for 10-15 seconds and strain into your preferred glass, finish with fresh raspberries as a garnish.





Tapp’d Cocktails is a family run, Essex-based ready to drink bottled cocktail company.

Launched in 2019 Tapp’d cocktails have taken the UK by storm with perfectly blended ready to drink cocktails.


The Tapp'd mission was and still is to handcraft the best in the UK mixologist quality ready to drink cocktail range.


Tapp'D carefully select the finest ingredients including real fruit, ethically sourced coffee, and award-winning spirits to create ready to serve cocktails that taste exceptional and pour perfectly, every time.

  • Ingredients & Allergy Info

    All Tapp'd Cocktails are 100% vegan, gluten and nut free 

    These drinks are flash pasteurised so they keep their fresh flavour which means that each bottle has a 12 month shelf life, the best before end date can be found on every bottle neck. 

    Because they are pasteurised there’s no need to keep them in the fridge, however it is recommend they kept in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight 

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