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Birch Gin - Sumatra

Birch Gin - Sumatra

This Gin has been inspired  by the countless cups of coffee Justin the Birch Gin creator enjoyed whilst living in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Cardamom and rich earthy coffee beans from the tropical island of Sumatra are steeped in the original Birch Gin.

The result is a stunning sipping gin that works beautifully just with ice but also delights when paired with ginger ale or soda (but not tonic!)


Winner of: 

International Wine and Spirits Competition Bronze 2022 

London Spirits Competition Silver 2022


The Birch Gin Story

Justin Birch of Wadhurst, East Sussex is the Man behind Birch Gin. Justin has spent a highly enjoyable decade obsessively trying to create the perfect gin. We truley belive it was worth the wait. 


In 2010 Justin travelled from his home in Singapore where his choice of Gin was between two mass manufactured gins and landed straight into the UK craft gin explosion. To say this was an inspiration, is an understatement…

Over the next ten years Justin did a lot of research, read a lot of recipes (starting from 1495), and began making his own gin. Sampling almost every botanical and herb, searching for that perfect blend.  Justin wanted to create a refreshing journey through British herbs, Mediterranean citrus and spice from the Far East. The goal was to make a gin that appealed to him, but also to his wife Dawn, who didn’t like the bitterness of London Dry gins.

Justin experimented with every gin-making method before settling firmly on the one-shot method, distilling the exact number of botanicals in one go and never adding concentrate or compounding afterwards. Only 2-3% of the world’s gin is made using this truly special method.

In 2020, some ten years after starting, Justin finally achieved both the flavours and taste journey he had been seeking. Uniquely, one of the ingredients in Birch Gin is birch syrup, which is rare and expensive, with a dark, caramel yet spicy flavour.

We invite you to take a refreshing stroll through the citrus groves of Soller, Mallorca followed by meandering through a British herb garden, rounded off with delicate, lingering Asian spices with a glass of Birch Gin.


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