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Sorbetto No.2 - Pastore Brewing X Mash Gang

Sorbetto No.2 - Pastore Brewing X Mash Gang

Mash Gang X Pastore Brewing  - Sorbetto No2  - Sorbet Sour - 0.5%abv - 440ML


Raspberry, Watermelon, Lime, another colab from Pastore x Mash Gang, the second rendition of the low alcohol lactic fermented sorbet sour.

The concept for version No.1 of Sorbetto was a showcasing of a lovely mixed culture fermentation, albeit subtle on the fruit side. For version No.2  the fruit has been dialled up a notch whilst still keeping the key qualities of a Pastore sour beer - fruity, juicy, light, acidic, dry and refreshing.

This one has been conditioned on watermelons, raspberries and lime juice, zippy, zingy, fresh, juicy and super refreshing.

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