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Project #173 - Hazelnut Rum

Project #173 - Hazelnut Rum

Project #173 - Hazelnut Rum - 42% abv - 50cl


Here we have Hazelnut Rum! A cracking addition to the Project #173 range, the delicious rum that forms the kernel of this expression has been paired with hazelnut flavour for a tipple that's full of flavoursome rum character, alongside roasty, toasty hazelnut notes.

This makes for a rather indulgent sipper, over ice. Or can be mixed into all manner of cocktails!


Tasting Notes 

Nose: Estery rum core mingles with creamy latte, wafers, and a golden Ferrero Rocher pyramid.

Palate: Silky, spicy rum is backed by sweet gianduja, praline, and warm buttery toast with a thick spread of Nutella.

Finish: Gentle warmth and molasses, with waffle cones, and hazelnut gelato.

Overall :The rum isn't overpowered here, with a gentle balance of creamy, toasty hazelnut running through.

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