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Project #173 - Coffee Rum

Project #173 - Coffee Rum

Project #173 - Coffee Rum - 42%abv - 50cl


We don't know about you, but we find it incredibly interesting that a flavour as powerful and distinctive as coffee manages to pair so well with all kinds of spirits. Whisky, vodka, Tequila, even gin, it all works great with coffee.

Rum and coffee, though – that's something spectacular! As such, the Project #173 team has gone and done the hard word for you by making its very own Project #173 Coffee Rum.

Bringing together a tasty base of quality rum and naturally flavoured with coffee, this expression packs plenty of both sides in its flavour profile.

This is perfect for adding a twist to classic cocktails, or for simply enjoying over ice, we reckon.


Tasting Notes


Nose:Bright freshly brewed coffee, orange chocolate, toffee, with a hint of earthiness developing.

Palate: Mocha and a kick of espresso, juxtaposed with juicy tropical fruit. Subtle spicy touches of clove and cinnamon.

Finish : A long finish, with pleasantly bittersweet coffee notes sticking around.

Overall : A flavour combination we'd enjoy returning to time and time again!

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