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Nocino Walnut Liqueur - Peasant Land Distillery

Nocino Walnut Liqueur - Peasant Land Distillery

Nocino Walnut Liqueur - 30%abv - 50cl Bottle


A finely balanced nocino liqueur with aromas of cedar, toffee, walnuts and leather. Made with green walnuts sourced locally from St Mary's Platt in Kent. The roughly chopped walnuts are steeped in alcohol for 2 months to extract all those beautiful tannic, nutty flavours. The remaining alcohol is sweetened using cane sugar and caramel before a 6 month maturation. 


Meet The Distiallry 

The Pleasant Land Distillery, is based on Bank Farm in Aldington Kent, ensuring the highest quality and a true taste of the region. Plesant Land are passionate about running a fully sustainable business, and have created their own unique processes which reduce impact on the environment to almost zero. They have designed a circular system, reducing water consumption and waste production by 90%, and all power is produced using 100% renewable sources.

The Pleasent Land  promise: 100% Renewable, 100% Delicious

  • Ingredients and Allergen Advice

    Allergens: contains nuts. 

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