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Myth Dark Spiced - Alcohol Free Dark Rum Alternative.

Myth Dark Spiced - Alcohol Free Dark Rum Alternative.

Myth Dark Spiced - Dark Rum Alternative - Alcohol Free 50cl Bottle


A beautifully crafted non-alcoholic spirit with bold hints of an aged Navy Rum.

A deliciously spiced spirit with sweet molasses and flavoured with fiery ginger and black pepper,deep notes of caramel and honey with a fiery spice finish.


Here’s what the IWSC judges said

Rum and vanilla on the nose. A liquorice dry and attractive burnt sugar taste.”


Alcohol Free Cocktails using Myth


1 large shot of Myth Dark (50ml).
Squeeze of Fresh lime juice.
Ginger Beer (100ml).
Wedge of lime.


Put all the ingredients in a Highball glass over ice and garnish with a wedge of lime.


Myth Dark Espresso Martini


Double measure MYTH Dark Spiced (50ml)
Double Espresso (or can of pre-prepared black espresso)
Sugar Syrup (15ml)
Coffee beans to garnish


Pour the MYTH Dark Spiced, Espresso and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker with some ice cubes.
Shake well, strain into a Martini glass and decorate with a roasted coffee bean or two.


The Story Behind Myth

Where it all began

The Myth Team are  happy people but have often felt sad following a nice meal or a night out when the drinks being offered weren’t much fun. They don’t drink alcohol and struggled to find anything exciting or grown-up.

Not big fans of elderflower fizz or kids pop they decided to have a go at making something which would make them smile!  After a couple of years of development and a lot of hard work they have done just that and we think they’ve created something really special.

Myth launched quietly in May 2022 and by July they were celebrating their first industry awards.

It is all still very exciting and new and we can’t wait to see what comes next for Myth…

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