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LiveLoveLaugh Sparkling Wine - Yotes Court Vineyard

LiveLoveLaugh Sparkling Wine - Yotes Court Vineyard

LIVELOVELAUGH - Sparkling Wine - Yotes Court Vineyard - 12% ABV


A crisp, floral Traditional Method sparkling wine made from 100% Pinot Gris Grapes.


This crisp, Traditional Method sparkling wine has notes of white pear, gentle florals, preserved lemon and breadcrumbs on the nose.  On the palate the wine is medium weighted with gentle mousse and a fresh citrus and pear drop finish.


In the Vineyard

The grapes for 'LiveLoveLaugh' sparkling Pinot Gris were harvested last October from the youngest vines planted high up in the vineyard in 2019. As the grapes were destined for Yotes Court first ever commercially available sparkling wine they decided to share this journey and hold a special 'Harvest Experience' where the grapes for this Early Release sparkling Pinot Gris were hand picked by local friends, family, and supporters of Yotes Court Vinyard.


Food Pairing

LiveLoveLaugh sparkling Pinot Gris, with its coveted acidity pairs well with rich butter-laden foods like rich soft cheese and creamy sauces. Its crispness also makes it an ideal partner for shellfish like prawns, oysters and fried calamari as well as a smoked salmon blini.



This is an outstanding, charming, gentle, dry sparkling white with notes of pear, yellow apple, fresh bread and cream. It dances across the palate bringing freshness and vinous joy. There is beautiful balance between the fresh citrus acidity and the tender ripe fruit. This is a great aperitif, but it would also suit a variety of canapés.” – Clive Barlow MW.


The Story behind Yotes Court Vineyard


Great wines can only be made from great grapes, so the process starts in the vineyard. The vines at Yotes Court are nurtured throughout the year and the grapes ripen in the cool English climate that allows them time to express their delicate aromas and flavours. The grapes receive individual attention depending on the variety. The majority of grapes are harvested carefully by hand when they reach peak condition.

Yotes Court only make wine from grapes grown on their own vineyard right here in Kent.When you drink a glass of Yotes Court you can be confident that the viticulture and winemaking practices have enhanced our local environment, and not stolen from it.

Yotes Court is incredibly proud to be amongst the first to be awarded the Sustainable Wines of GB Certification Mark. Sustainability is important at Yotes Court because from ground to grape to glass, they want you to be confident that you are drinking wine from land that will remain fertile for generations to come.

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