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Littlewater  - Lemon Vodka

Littlewater - Lemon Vodka

Littlewater- Lemon Vodka - 42%abv - 50cl


The Littlewater range of flavoured vodkas is big on flavour while staying carefully balanced. This Littlewater Lemon Vodka is naturally flavoured with the fresh and zesty taste of lemons, for a slice of bright citrus flavour that'll create a perfect base for cocktails, as well as shining mixed with soda water, and a slice of... Orange. Only kidding – lemon of course!


Nose:Freshly baked lemon drizzle cake, not overpowering, with lemon wedges and soft grain in the background.

Palate: Fizzy lemon sherbets, refreshing Sgroppino, and waxy lemon zest, with creamy vodka providing some gentle spice.

Finish: Zest lingers, with candied peel, and dollops of lemon curd.

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