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Project#173 - Coconut Rum

Project#173 - Coconut Rum

Project#173 - Coconut Rum - 42% abv 50cl bottle


Project #173 is all about bringing together good quality rum and natural flavours to create lip-smacking expressions - like this one right here! Project #173 Coconut Rum builds on the exotic flavours within the spirit, introducing bright, creamy coconut notes into the mix. This can mix rather well with tangy fruit juices, or make a tasty twist on some classic rum cocktails. Plus, just look at that snazzy bottle - it's even adorned with some 23 karat gold leaf!


Tasting Note 

Nose: Clear coconut influence on the nose, alongside hints of brown sugar and cut grass.

Palate: Vanilla, stone fruit, another hint of grassy brightness, with waves of fresh coconut underneath.

Finish: Lingering hints of Bounty Bars and citrus.

Overall: The rum's character remains integral to this spirit, with the coconut bringing additional deliciousness to its flavour profile.


Cocktail Suggestion

Coconut Rum Highball

Long, refreshing, tropical and quaffable.


50ml Project 173 Coconut

150ml Soda

Squeeze of lime

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