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Brass Castle - Dune Bug - Lemon & Samphire Gose

Brass Castle - Dune Bug - Lemon & Samphire Gose

Brass Castle - Dune Bug - Lemon & Samphire Gose - 4.7%abv - 440ml Can


Dune Bug is a Lemon & Samphire Gose.  Expect a brisk, tart flavour profile with subtle saltiness and samphire notes. Look forward to a crisp, dry and refreshing mouth-puckering finish.


Meet The Brewery


Brass Castle is a small and independent Yorkshire brewery who began life in the garage of a house in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, they are now firmly established in Malton right in the centre of Yorkshire’s Food Capital.Brass Castle brew their beer in the heart of the community and they work hard to brew sustainably. The Spent grain from the brewing process goes to be digested into wiggly amps, biogas and fertiliser. Spent hops find their way onto the local allotments. 


The brewery has always pushed itself to brew interesting beers, under the very deliberate constraint of doing so without the use of animal products. In turn, this led Brass Castle to develop its own house yeast strain and specialised processes that could guarantee that All of the Brass Castle beers are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and since  December 2017, every beer brewed at Brass Castle has been based on gluten-free  recipes – on the basis that beer should be made available to as many people as possible. 

  • Ingredients and Allergen Advice

    Vegan and certified Gluten Free.

    A note from Brass Castle 


    We brew gluten-free beers by adding a tiny amount of a vegan-friendly enzyme to the beer during fermentation (actually a Murphy & Son product called ‘Brewers Clarex’ ). Marvellously, it’s an enzyme isolated from a self-cloned strain of the mould Aspergillus niger. Some breweries use it to reduce protein or ‘chill’ haze; but a lovely side-effect is a reduction in dissolved gluten. Our certified gluten-free can and keg beers are individually batch tested through a UK food laboratory, using the competitive ELISA testing protocol. We have also doubled-up on the ELISA tests by using government facilities to check each of our core beer brands for gluten content through mass spectrometry testing – the most widely accepted and highest quality test protocol there is for hydrolised gluten.

    Since December 2017 we have produced all our beers to gluten-free recipes. While beer (particularly cask beer) remains artificially under-priced, it is prohibitively expensive for us to test certify each individual ‘gyle’ or batch of keg and cask beer. Therefore, although all beers are brewed to a gluten-free recipe and there can be a high degree of certainty than any Brass Castle Beer will contain <10ppm gluten (well below the international ‘gluten-free’ standard); only our canned beers and cask/keg Hoptical Illusion are individually batch-certified gluten-free.

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