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Bexley Brewery - Arnsberg - Lager

Bexley Brewery - Arnsberg - Lager

Bexley - Arnsberg - Lager - 4.8% abv - 330ml Bottle

A clean, crisp, refreshing Pilsner-style Lager.


Meet the Brewery
The Bexley Brewery is a family affair run by Cliff, Jane and Cameron Murphy. Their journey started out as home brewers, In 2014 they stepped up and invested in a 6 barrel brewery kit and brought a brewery back to Bexley. The last Berewy,The Reffells having closed down in 1956.


Cliff, Jane & Cameron, along with the little green Bexley birds are proud to produce exceptional session, seasonal and occasional beers, in cask, keg and bottle from their family micro brewery based in Erith.

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