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Space Soda - MakeMake Brewing Co

Space Soda - MakeMake Brewing Co

Space Soda - Mango & Strawberry - Fruit Sour - 5%abv - 500ml can

The latest edition of the MakeMake Space Soda Series is here with a new, Summery flavour combo. The sourness to sweetness is balanced perfectly making it extremely drinkable. Punchy fruit flavours rounded out with a marshmallow suavity.


Meet the Brewery


MakeMake brewing company is the second Portsmouth brewery we have added to our collection.

The Makemake brewing journey began in a friends basement, then as resident brewers in a Southsea brewpub, with a supportive following who chipped in with crowdfunding they now have their own Brewery with a Taproom which is an absolute hidden gem for craft beer enthusiasts.Tucked away in a sleek industrial unit, located near Milton Common in Portsmouth,not far from Mrs Hops and Hampers childhood home. If you find yourself along the Southcoast, pop in for one or two cold ones.
Since the inception of MakeMake Marc (head brewer) and Ollie ( extensive experience in bar management plus IBD Beer Sommelier accreditation )  set out to create the kind of beer that they hadn't been able to access before. With their passion for bold and unique flavours,with a solid consistent quality and creating an immersive, accessible experience from brand through to product. Inspired by Makemake – a dwarf planet in our Solar System, Makemake brewery gives each beer an astronomical link within its name, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your beverage of choice.
  • Ingredients and Allergen Advice

    Contains -Barley - Oats - Wheat - Lactose - Yeast - Mango - Strawberry - Marshmallow.

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