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Project#173 - Orange Rum

Project#173 - Orange Rum

Project #173 - Orange Rum - 50cl - Bottle


Orange has been added as a flavour to all kinds of things to make them taste even better, from chocolate to soda. Heck, for a period in the noughties, orange even made Wednesdays better. Project #173, however, made the sensible call that rum would be a good partner in lime. Wait, wrong fruit. It's the sweet, bright, and slightly sharp taste of natural orange flavouring that has been added to a base of high-quality rum here. All that citrus shines in its pretty bargain bottling, but will also make a cracking Daiquiri or Mai Tai.


Cocktail Suggestion

The Reviver


Coffee and citrus works surpisingly well as a team! A bright, long and summer-y coffee serve.


35ml Project 173 Orange

15ml Son of a Gun - Coffee Liqueur - Copper Rivet Distillery

5ml Sugar syrup

150ml Premium tonic water


Build / highball / cubed ice / orange slice garnish

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